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HDF vs. HDF5

HDF5 HDF (4.x and previous releases)
Can handle files over 2GB -
No limit on the number of objects Max limit is 20000 objects and sometimes less
One flexible data model Several rigid data models
Supports parallel I/O Minimal parallel I/O support
Threadsafe (designed to be) -
Supports multi-dimensional array of compound datatypes Supports only 1-dimensional array of compound datatypes
Supports variable length datatypes -
Supports references to objects (?) -
Supports "mounting" of files -
Supports hard/soft links -
-makes delete/move objects easy Difficult to do
Can flush data immediately -
Extensive datatype/datatype conversion support More restricted
Virtual File layer -
Performance tuning - lots of things Minimal
Ability to register your own compression methods -
Supports multiple unlimited dimensions Supports 1 unlimited dimension
Supports complex subsetting features Supports basic subsetting features
True hierarchical file structure "pseudo-flat" file structure using vgroups
More metadata support Metadata support
Can convert to/from XML -

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