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HDF5 Tutorial:   Advanced Topics
File Drivers


What is a File Driver ?

In HDF5, a file driver is a mapping between the HDF5 format address space and storage. By default, HDF5 simply maps the format address space directly onto a single file.

However, users may want the ability to map the format address space onto different types of storage with various types of maps. With HDF5 we provide a small set of pre-defined file drivers, and we also provide the Virtual File Layer API to enable users to implement their own mappings.

Detailed information on file drivers can be found under VFL Technical Notes in the Documentation.

File Drivers Defined in HDF5

Following are the file drivers that HDF5 provides.

Programming Model for Using a Pre-Defined File Driver

User Designed File Drivers

These are out of the scope of this tutorial. Refer to the Technical Notes documentation on the Virtual File Layer.

How Does a General Application Open an HDF5 File ?

A general application does not know what drivers were used to create a file. It would have to try different file drivers until it succeeds. An example of a general application is the h5dump tool that we provide with HDF5.
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