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HDF5 Tutorial: Advanced Topics
References to Objects


References to Objects

In HDF5, objects (i.e. groups, datasets, and named datatypes) are usually accessed by name. This access method was discussed in previous sections. There is another way to access stored objects - by reference.

An object reference is based on the relative file address of the object header in the file and is constant for the life of the object. Once a reference to an object is created and stored in a dataset in the file, it can be used to dereference the object it points to. References are handy for creating a file index or for grouping related objects by storing references to them in one dataset.

Creating and Storing References to Objects

The following steps are involved in creating and storing file references to objects:

Reading References and Accessing Objects Using References

The following steps are involved in reading references to objects and accessing objects using references:

Programming Example


The examples below create objects (group, dataset, ...), create references to those objects (in an object reference dataset), and then close the objects and object reference dataset. Then they re-open the object references dataset, and re-open the objects by dereferencing the references in the object reference dataset.


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