Last modified: 29 September 2011
Name: H5Pset_fill_value
herr_t H5Pset_fill_value( hid_t plist_id, hid_t type_id, const void *value )

Sets the fill value for a dataset.

H5Pset_fill_value sets the fill value for a dataset in the dataset creation property list.

value is interpreted as being of datatype type_id. This datatype may differ from that of the dataset, but the HDF5 library must be able to convert value to the dataset datatype when the dataset is created.

The default fill value is 0 (zero), which is interpreted according to the actual dataset datatype.

Setting value to NULL indicates that the fill value is to be undefined.

Applications sometimes write data only to portions of an allocated dataset. It is often useful in such cases to fill the unused space with a known fill value. This function allows the user application to set that fill value; the functions H5Dfill and H5Pset_fill_time, respectively, provide the ability to apply the fill value on demand or to set up its automatic application.

A fill value should be defined so that it is appropriate for the application. While the HDF5 default fill value is 0 (zero), it is often appropriate to use another value. It might be useful, for example, to use a value that is known to be impossible for the application to legitimately generate.

H5Pset_fill_value is designed to work in concert with H5Pset_alloc_time and H5Pset_fill_time. H5Pset_alloc_time and H5Pset_fill_time govern the timing of dataset storage allocation and fill value write operations and can be important in tuning application performance.

See H5Dcreate for further cross-references.

hid_t plist_id IN: Dataset creation property list identifier.
hid_t type_id, IN: Datatype of value.
const void *value     IN: Pointer to buffer containing value to use as fill value.

Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.

Fortran90 Interface: h5pset_fill_value_f

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Fortran2003 Interface: h5pset_fill_value_f

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Release     Change
1.8.8 Fortran updated to Fortran2003.