List of HDF5 VFL Functions

The following functions support the HDF5 virtual file layer (VFL), enabling 
the creation of customized I/O drivers.  

At this time, the H5FD functions are documented only in the HDF5 Virtual 
File Layer design document and in the source code.  H5Pset_driver and 
H5Pget_driver_info are documented in the HDF5 Reference Manual.

herr_t H5Pset_driver(hid_t plist_id, hid_t driver_id,
                const void *driver_info)

void *H5Pget_driver_info(hid_t plist_id)

hid_t H5FDregister(const H5FD_class_t *cls);

herr_t H5FDunregister(hid_t driver_id);

H5FD_t *H5FDopen(const char *name, unsigned flags, hid_t fapl_id,
		haddr_t maxaddr);

herr_t H5FDclose(H5FD_t *file);

int H5FDcmp(const H5FD_t *f1, const H5FD_t *f2);

int H5FDquery(const H5FD_t *f, unsigned long *flags);

haddr_t H5FDalloc(H5FD_t *file, H5FD_mem_t type, hsize_t size);

herr_t H5FDfree(H5FD_t *file, H5FD_mem_t type, haddr_t addr, hsize_t size);

haddr_t H5FDrealloc(H5FD_t *file, H5FD_mem_t type, haddr_t addr,
		hsize_t old_size, hsize_t new_size);

haddr_t H5FDget_eoa(H5FD_t *file);

herr_t H5FDset_eoa(H5FD_t *file, haddr_t eof);

haddr_t H5FDget_eof(H5FD_t *file);

herr_t H5FDread(H5FD_t *file, H5FD_mem_t type, hid_t dxpl_id, haddr_t addr, 
		size_t size, void *buf/*out*/);

herr_t H5FDwrite(H5FD_t *file, H5FD_mem_t type, hid_t dxpl_id, 
		haddr_t addr, size_t size, const void *buf);

herr_t H5FDflush(H5FD_t *file, unsigned closing);


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