HDF5 Software Controls

(Work in progress draft)

A descriptions knobs and turns such as environment variables and settings that controls the functionality of HDF5 libraries and tools. This is intended for HDF5 libraries and tools developers. HDF5 application users may consult the document A guide to debugging HDF5 API calls.

Library Building Controls

Environment variables

Used by configure. Override the default C compiler.
Used by configure. Add more libraries to be used.
Number of MPI-processes to invoke for testing. Default to 2.
Used by most test programs. When set, temporary files created during tests are NOT removed. Default is to remove them by the end of each test. Note that the variable value does not matter. E.g., the values of "yes", "no" and "" all have the same effect, that is, NO cleanup.
Used by the MPIO file driver for debugging. Need to have H5FDmpio_DEBUG macro defined during compiling. Should be set to a string to turn on various tracing. Valid values (cases matter) are:
Trace all routine
Trace read routines
Trace write routines
Show result of MPI_Get_count
Used by the MPIO file driver to control the use of the optimized mpi input/output routine. 0 turns it off, 1 turns it on (uses optimized code if it can).

Compile Macros

Compile macro. Compile in the MPIO file driver related debugging statements. Defined if macro H5F_DEBUG is defined.
Compile in debugging used by the MPIO file driver. Need to have FDmpio_DEBUG macro defined during compiling. Should be set to a string to turn on the tracing. See environment variable H5FD_mpio_Debug for valid values.

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