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HDF5 - A New Generation of HDF
The Hierarchical Data Format

HDF5 User Documentation
Release 1.6.10, November 2009

Introduction to HDF5
  • An overview of design goals behind the HDF5 library and file format
  • An introduction to HDF5 programming
HDF5 Tutorial
  • A tutorial introduction to HDF5
HDF5 User's Guide
  • A new user's guide, first published with HDF5 Release 1.6.0
  • The HDF5 Release 1.4.5 User's Guide remains available, though it has not been updated for the current release
HDF5 Reference Manuals
  • Complete reference manuals for the HDF5 APIs
  • C APIs, HDF5’s “native language”
  • High level C APIs: Image, Table, and HDF5 Lite
  • Fortran90 APIs
HDF5 and “Foreign Languages”
HDF5 Glossary
  • A glossary of terms as they are used in HDF5
HDF5 Application Developer's Guide

HDF5 Tools

HDF5 Tools
  • HDF5 tools, including Java-based tools
  • HDFView, h5dump, h5ls, h5toh4, etc.

HDF5 Library Development Documentation

HDF5 File Format Specification
  • The complete specification of the HDF5 file format
HDF5 Technical Notes
  • Technical notes for HDF5 library and driver developers

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