Last modified: 18 February 2014

Name: H5Pget_object_flush_cb

herr_t H5Pget_object_flush_cb ( hid_t fapl_id, H5F_flush_cb_t *func, void **user_data )

Retrieves the object flush property values from the file access property list.

H5Pget_object_flush_cb gets the user-defined callback function that is set in the file access property list fapl_id and stored in the parameter func. The callback is invoked whenever an object flush occurs in the file. This routine also obtains the user-defined input data that is passed along to the callback function in the parameter user_data.

hid_t fapl_id IN: Identifier for a file access property list.
H5F_flush_cb_t *func   IN: The user-defined callback function.
void **user_data IN: The user-defined input data for the callback function.

Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.

Example Usage:
The example below illustrates the usage of this routine to obtain the object flush property values.
hid_t fapl_id;
unsigned counter;
H5F_object_flush_t *ret_cb;
unsigned *ret_counter;

/* Create a copy of the file access property list */
fapl_id = H5Pcreate(H5P_FILE_ACCESS);

/* Set up the object flush property values */
/* flush_cb: callback function to invoke when an object flushes (see below) */
/* counter: user data to pass along to the callback function */
H5Pset_object_flush_cb(fapl_id, flush_cb, &counter);

/* Open the file */
file_id = H5Fopen(FILE, H5F_ACC_RDWR, H5P_DEFAULT);

/* Get the file access property list for the file */
fapl = H5Fget_access_plist(file_id);

/* Retrieve the object flush property values for the file */
H5Pget_object_flush_cb(fapl, &ret_cb, &ret_counter);
/* ret_cb will point to flush_cb() */
/* ret_counter will point to counter */

/* The callback function for the object flush property */
static herr_t
flush_cb(hid_t obj_id, void *_udata)
    unsigned *flush_ct = (unsigned*)_udata;
    return 0;

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Release     Change
1.10.0 C function introduced with this release.