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HDF5 Java Examples By API

These examples were tested with the HDF-Java wrappers included in HDF5-1.10. The Object package examples are included with the HDFView source code. See the HDF-Java Products home page for more information.

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PLEASE NOTE that these examples expect to be run in the "examples/datasets/" directory. To run them elsewhere, simply comment out the line at the top:

   package examples.datasets;


Set Space Allocation Time for Dataset H5Ex_D_Alloc.java H5ObjectEx_D_Alloc.java
Read / Write Dataset using Fletcher32 Checksum Filter H5Ex_D_Checksum.java H5ObjectEx_D_Checksum.java
Read / Write Chunked Dataset H5Ex_D_Chunk.java H5ObjectEx_D_Chunk.java
Read / Write Compact Dataset H5Ex_D_Compact.java H5ObjectEx_D_Compact.java
Read / Write to External Dataset H5Ex_D_External.java H5ObjectEx_D_External.java
Read / Write Dataset w/ Fill Value H5Ex_D_FillValue.java H5ObjectEx_D_FillValue.java
Read / Write GZIP Compressed Dataset H5Ex_D_Gzip.java H5ObjectEx_D_Gzip.java
Read / Write Data by Hyperslabs H5Ex_D_Hyperslab.java H5ObjectEx_D_Hyperslab.java
Read / Write Integer Dataset H5Ex_D_ReadWrite.java H5ObjectEx_D_ReadWrite.java
Read / Write Dataset w/ Shuffle Filter and GZIP Compression H5Ex_D_Shuffle.java H5ObjectEx_D_Shuffle.java
Read / Write Dataset using Scale-Offset Filter (float) H5Ex_D_Sofloat.java H5ObjectEx_D_Sofloat.java
Read / Write Dataset using Scale-Offset Filter (integer) H5Ex_D_Soint.java H5ObjectEx_D_Soint.java
Read / Write Dataset using SZIP Compression H5Ex_D_Szip.java H5ObjectEx_D_Szip.java
Read / Write Dataset using Data Transform Expression H5Ex_D_Transform.java H5ObjectEx_D_Transform.java
Read / Write Unlimited Dimension Dataset H5Ex_D_UnlimitedAdd.java H5ObjectEx_D_UnlimitedAdd.java
Read / Write GZIP Compressed Unlimited Dimension Dataset H5Ex_D_UnlimitedGzip.java H5ObjectEx_D_UnlimitedGzip.java
Read / Write / Edit Unlimited Dimension Dataset H5Ex_D_UnlimitedMod.java H5ObjectEx_D_UnlimitedMod.java
Use Dynamic Array to Read Data H5Ex_D_UnlimitedAdd.java H5ObjectEx_D_UnlimitedAdd.java


Create "compact-or-indexed" Format Groups H5Ex_G_Compact.java H5ObjectEx_G_Compact.java  
Track links in a Group by Creation Order H5Ex_G_Corder.java H5ObjectEx_G_Corder.java  
Create / Open / Close a Group H5Ex_G_Create.java H5ObjectEx_G_Create.java  
Create Intermediate Groups H5Ex_G_Intermediate.java H5ObjectEx_G_Intermediate.java  
Iterate over group Members with H5Giterate H5Ex_G_Iterate.java H5ObjectEx_G_Iterate.java HDF5 File
Set Conditions to Convert between Compact & Dense Groups H5Ex_G_Phase.java H5ObjectEx_G_Phase.java  
Recursively Traverse a File with H5Literate H5Ex_G_Traverse.java    
Recursively Traverse a File with H5Ovisit and H5Lvisit H5Ex_G_Visit.java H5ObjectEx_G_Visit.java HDF5 File


Read / Write Array Datatypes (Attribute) H5Ex_T_ArrayAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_ArrayAttribute.java
Read / Write Array Datatypes (Dataset) H5Ex_T_Array.java H5ObjectEx_T_Array.java
Read / Write Bitfield Datatypes (Attribute) H5Ex_T_BitAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_BitAttribute.java
Read / Write Bitfield Datatypes (Dataset) H5Ex_T_Bit.java H5ObjectEx_T_Bit.java
Read / Write Committed Datatype (Dataset) H5Ex_T_Commit.java H5ObjectEx_T_Commit.java
Read / Write Compound Datatypes (Attribute) H5Ex_T_CompoundAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_CompoundAttribute.java
Read / Write Compound Datatypes (Dataset) H5Ex_T_Compound.java H5ObjectEx_T_Compound.java
Read / Write Floating Point Datatype (Attribute) H5Ex_T_FloatAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_FloatAttribute.java
Read / Write Floating Point Datatype (Dataset) H5Ex_T_Float.java H5ObjectEx_T_Float.java
Read / Write Integer Datatype (Attribute) H5Ex_T_IntegerAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_IntegerAttribute.java
Read / Write Integer Datatype (Dataset) H5Ex_T_Integer.java H5ObjectEx_T_Integer.java
Read / Write Object References (Attribute) H5Ex_T_ObjectReferenceAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_ObjectReferenceAttribute.java
Read / Write Object References (Dataset) H5Ex_T_ObjectReference.java H5ObjectEx_T_ObjectReference.java
Read / Write Opaque Datatypes (Attribute) H5Ex_T_OpaqueAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_OpaqueAttribute.java
Read / Write Opaque Datatypes (Dataset) H5Ex_T_Opaque.java H5ObjectEx_T_Opaque.java
Read / Write String Datatype (Attribute) H5Ex_T_StringAttribute.java H5ObjectEx_T_StringAttribute.java
Read / Write String Datatype (Dataset) H5Ex_T_String.java H5ObjectEx_T_String.java
Read / Write Variable Length String Datatype (Dataset) H5Ex_T_VLString.java H5ObjectEx_T_VLString.java

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