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HDF5 Python Examples by API

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The following examples were generously provided by John Evans.

Also see Additional Python Examples for more advanced examples not currently found on this page.


Description High Level Low Level
Set Space Allocation Time for Dataset:   h5ex_d_alloc.py
Read / Write Dataset using Fletcher32 Checksum Filter: h5ex_d_checksum.py h5ex_d_checksum.py
Read / Write Chunked Dataset:   h5ex_d_chunk.py
Read / Write Compact Dataset:   h5ex_d_compact.py
Read / Write Dataset w/ Fill Value: h5ex_d_fillvalue.py h5ex_d_fillvalue.py
Read / Write GZIP Compressed Dataset: h5ex_d_gzip.py h5ex_d_gzip.py
Read / Write Data by Hyperslabs:   h5ex_d_hyper.py
Read / Write Dataset using LZF compression: h5ex_d_lzf.py h5ex_d_lzf.py
Read / Write Integer Dataset: h5ex_d_rdwr.py h5ex_d_rdwr.py
Read / Write Dataset w/ Shuffle Filter and GZIP Compression: h5ex_d_shuffle.py h5ex_d_shuffle.py
Read / Write Dataset using SZIP Compression:   h5ex_d_szip.py
Read / Write Unlimited Dimension Dataset: h5ex_d_unlimadd.py h5ex_d_unlimadd.py
Read / Write GZIP Compressed Unlimited Dimension Dataset:     h5ex_d_unlimgzip.py
Read / Write / Edit Unlimited Dimension Dataset: h5ex_d_unlimmod.py h5ex_d_unlimmod.py
Use Dynamic Array to Read Data: h5ex_d_unlimadd.py h5ex_d_unlimadd.py


Description High Level Low Level
Create / Open / Close a Group: h5ex_g_create.py h5ex_g_create.py
Create Intermediate Groups: h5ex_g_intermediate.py h5ex_g_intermediate.py
Recursively Traverse a File w/ H5Ovisit and H5Lvisit:   h5ex_g_visit.py


Description High Level Low Level
Read / Write Compound Datatypes (Attribute): h5ex_t_cmpdatt.py  
Read / Write Compound Datatypes (Dataset): h5ex_t_cmpd.py  
Read / Write Enumerated Datatypes (Attribute): h5ex_t_enumatt.py  
Read / Write Enumerated Datatypes (Dataset): h5ex_t_enum.py  
Read / Write Floating Point Datatype (Attribute): h5ex_t_floatatt.py h5ex_t_floatatt.py
Read / Write Floating Point Datatype (Dataset): h5ex_t_float.py h5ex_t_float.py
Read / Write Integer Datatype (Attribute): h5ex_t_intatt.py h5ex_t_intatt.py
Read / Write Integer Datatype (Dataset): h5ex_t_int.py h5ex_t_int.py
Read / Write Object References (Attribute): h5ex_t_objrefatt.py  
Read / Write Object References (Dataset): h5ex_t_objref.py  
Read / Write Opaque Datatypes (Attribute): h5ex_t_opaqueatt.py  
Read / Write Opaque Datatypes (Dataset): h5ex_t_opaque.py  
Read / Write String Datatype (Attribute): h5ex_t_stringatt.py h5ex_t_stringatt.py
Read / Write String Datatype (Dataset): h5ex_t_string.py h5ex_t_string.py
Read / Write Variable Length Datatype (Attribute): h5ex_t_vlenatt.py  
Read / Write Variable Length Datatype (Dataset): h5ex_t_vlen.py  
Read / Write Variable Length String Datatype (Attribute):   h5ex_t_vlstringatt.py h5ex_t_vlstringatt.py
Read / Write Variable Length String Datatype (Dataset): h5ex_t_vlstring.py h5ex_t_vlstring.py

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