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HDF5 Known Problems

Known problems at release time are listed at the end of the Release Notes:

Known problems listed here are typically found after a release was made available and are issues that may affect many users.

Problems as of HDF5-1.10.1

HDF5-1.10.0 cannot read files created with HDF5-1.10.1 that contain a metadata cache image

HDF5 releases are always backward compatible. In general, they are also forward compatible in maintenance releases of a major release. However, the HDF5-1.10.0 maintenance release will NOT be able to read HDF5-1.10.1 files that contain a metadata cache image. The metadata cache image must be removed with the h5clear tool in order for HDF5-1.10.0 to read the file.

The CMake instructions for building the HDF5 examples omitted two files that are needed

The instructions specify to copy the HDF5_Example.cmake file over. However, the HDF5_Examples_options.cmake and CTestScript.cmake files must also be copied over. These instructions are found in the README.txt file that comes with each pre-built windows binary, and they are also found in Section II of the USING_CMake_Examples.txt file in the release_docs directory of the source code.

When building with autotools, libdynlib* files are installed in the lib/ directory

Files beginning with "lybdynlib" get installed in the lib/ directory when building with autotools. These are test files that should be removed (for eg. "rm lib/libdynlib*"). These will not be included in future releases.

The C++ interface in HDF5-1.10.1 is "lacking" functions that were present in 1.10.0

In HDF5-1.10.1 several HDF5 C++ functions were moved (not removed) to new locations to improve the C++ API model. The changes were inadvertently omitted from the release notes. Please see the HDF5 C++ Reference Manual for the most accurate information.

Problems Reported as of HDF5 1.8.17 and HDF5-1.10.0-patch1

Talos Vulnerabilities Found in HDF5-1.8.17, HDF5-1.10.0-patch1, and Earlier Releases

Four Talos vulnerabilities were found in HDF5-1.8.17 and HDF5-1.0.0-patch1. They are also found in earlier releases:

CVE-2016-4330:  HDF5 bug  HDFFV-9992 (TALOS-2016-176)
CVE-2016-4331:  HDF5 bug  HDFFV-9951 (TALOS-2016-177)
CVE-2016-4332:  HDF5 bug  HDFFV-9950 (TALOS-2016-178)
CVE-2016-4333:  HDF5 bug  HDFFV-9993 (TALOS-2016-179)

These issues were addressed in the HDF5-1.8.18 release. See the HDF5-1.8.18 Release Notes for more details.

They will be addressed in the HDF5-1.10.1 release in the first quarter of 2017.

Patches are available that users can apply to other HDF5 releases:


Syntax Error in HDF5 compile scripts

The HDF5 compile scripts (h5cc, h5fc, h5c++, h5pcc, and h5pfc) contained a syntax error when using the options:

  -o <output> -c <source>

The <output> gets dropped, producing "-c -o <source>" which results in a compiler error.

If the options are switched there is no error:

   -c <source> -o <output> 

Known Problems from Previous Releases

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