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References to Publications Describing Szip Compression or Its Use

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  6. CCSDS 120.0-G-1. Lossless Data Compression. Green Book. Issue 1, May 1997. This Report presents a summary of the key operational concepts and rationale underlying the requirements for the CCSDS Recommendation, Lossless Data Compression. Supporting performance information along with illustrations are also included. This Report also provides a broad tutorial overview of the CCSDS Lossless Data Compression algorithm and is aimed at helping first-time readers to understand the Recommendation.
    Appears In: CCSDS Publications TGannett 02/04/2003 387K Services Check Out View
  7. CCSDS 121.0-B-1. Lossless Data Compression. Blue Book. Issue 1, May 1997. This Recommendation defines a source-coding data-compression algorithm and specifies how data compressed using the algorithm are inserted into source packets for retrieval and decoding.
    Appears In: CCSDS Publications
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