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Introductory Examples:

These examples are from the Learning the Basics section of the HDF5 Tutorial.

h5_crtdat.f90 Creates a dataset.
h5_rdwt.f90 Reads, writes a dataset.
h5_crtatt.f90 Creates an attribute. (Opens the file created with h5_crtdat.f90)
h5_crtgrp.f90 Creates a group.
h5_crtgrpar.f90 Creates groups in a file using absolute and relative paths.
h5_crtgrpd.f90 Creates datasets in a group. (Opens the file created with h5_crtgrpar.f90)
h5_subset.f90 Creates a file and dataset and selects and reads a hyperslab from the dataset.
h5_extend.f90 Creates an extendible (unlimited dimension) dataset.
h5_cmprss.f90 Creates a chunked and compressed dataset.

More Advanced Examples:

hyperslab.f90 More advanced example of using hyperslabs.
mountexample.f90 Shows concept of mounting files.
nested_derived_type.f90 Shows nested derived type.
compound.f90 Creates and reads a dataset with a compound datatype.
compound_complex_fortran2003.f90 Creates and reads a dataset with a complex compound datatype (F2003).
compound_fortran2003.f90 Creates and reads a dataset with a compound datatype (F2003).
ph5example.f90 Shows how to use Parallel HDF5.
refobjexample.f90 Creates, stores, and dereferences object references.
refregexample.f90 Creates, stores, and dereferences references to dataset regions.
rwdset_fortran2003.f90 Reads, writes a dataset with F2003 features.
selectele.f90 Shows how to select elements in a dataset.

Last Modified: May 17, 2013