Tool Name: h5edit


h5edit [-h | --help]

h5edit options parameter h5file


An HDF5 file editor.


h5edit is a tool for editing an HDF5 file. The tool can read in a command file, written in the H5edit Command Language, to edit the file accordingly. Commands can be given as command line option. This is intended for simple and short commands. The H5edit Command Language is defined in “Definition of the H5edit Command Language”.

Options and Parameters:

These terms are used as follows in this section:

-h, --help

Print a usage message and exit.


Specifies the atomic level:

Yes: This is the default. It means the changes must be done as all or nothing. The original data file is restored in case of any command failures.

no: No atomicity is desired. Do as much changes as possible.

inc: Atomicity of changes at individual command level is desired, not the entire execution.

-c command, --command command

Specify an H5edit command to apply to the file h5file.

--command-file commfile

Specify a command file, commfile, that contains H5edit commands written in the H5edit Command Language, to apply to the file h5file.


(To be supported in future implementation)

Just check the syntax of the H5edit commands against the HDF5 file without making the actual changes to the HDF5 file.


Print the version information of h5edit.


H5edit Commands:

These commands are supported:

CREATE: create a new attribute in an object

COPY:   copy an existing attribute from one object to another object

DELETE: delete an existing attribute from an object

MODIFY: modify the value(s) of an existing attribute

RENAME: modify the name of an existing attribute


These commands are to be supported in the future:

MOVE:   move an existing attribute from one object to another object

EXISTS:  check if an attribute exists

Exit Status:




An error occurred.

Version: 1.3.1

Last revised: 2014/11/14