HDF5 1.8.2 Release

External Libraries used by HDF5

SZIP Compression Information Source Code [ 2.1 ] Pre-Compiled Binaries [ 2.0 ] [ 2.1 (Windows, Mac Intel) ]
ZLIB Compression Information Source Code [ 1.2 ] Pre-Compiled Binaries [ 1.2 ]


HDF 1.8.2 Software

PLEASE note that there are two sets of 1.8.2 binaries included with many of the platforms listed below. One is built with shared libraries, and the other is built with static libraries.

Source Code
Binary Distribution*
Binary Utilities (only)
    All Platforms src/
FreeBSD 6.3
    gcc 4.2.5, g++42, gfortran42 (shared)
    gcc 3.4.6, g++ (static)
bin/freebsd/ bin/freebsd/utilities/
Linux 2.6.9 i686 i386
  Compilers:   gcc 3.4.6, g++, g95
bin/linux/ bin/linux/utilities/
Linux 2.6 x86_64
  Compilers:   gcc and g++ 4.1.2, g95 (0.92!)
bin/linux-x86_64/ bin/linux-x86_64/utilities/
Mac OS X Intel 10.5.4 STATIC
  Compilers:   icc, icpc, ifort (v10.1)
  bin/macosx-intel/ bin/macosx-intel/utilities/
Solaris 2.10 (32, 64-bit)
  Compilers:   Sun's cc, F90, CC
bin/solaris/ bin/solaris/utilities/
Windows (32-bit, 64-bit)
    Cygwin (gcc 3.4.4-3, g96 0.92!
    VS 2005 c, c++, Intel Fortran 9.1
  bin/windows/ bin/windows/utilities/

*   The Binary Distribution includes the libraries, include files, pre-compiled binary utilities, and release notes. They were built with the ZLIB library and the SZIP library.

Last Modified: May 11, 2009