BioHDF version 0.3 alpha
Scalable NGS Data Storage Based on HDF5
Data Fields
bioh5g_alignment_data Struct Reference

Alignment data container. More...

#include <bioh5g_alignments.h>

Data Fields

int64_t read_index
 The HDF5 index/offset for the associated read.
char * reference
 The reference name.
int32_t position
 The position on the reference (left endpoint, 1-based inclusive)
int32_t length
 The length of the alignment.
unsigned char sam_mapq
 SAM quality (MAPQ) value.
int32_t sam_flags
char * sam_cigar
 The SAM CIGAR string.
char * sam_tags
 The SAM tag string.
char * sam_rnext
 The reference of the next alignment in the template.
int32_t sam_pnext
 The position of the next alignment in the template.
int32_t sam_tlen
 The template length.

Detailed Description

Alignment data container.

Currently very SAM-centric but will be made more generic in the future.

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