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HDF5 iRODS - Download

iRODS release 1.1 or above contains the HDF5-iRODS server module. The HDF5-iRODS module source code and instructions are located at $IRODS_HOME/modules/hdf5. You can download iRODS from www.irods.org.

HDFView 2.5 supports iRODS for Windows and Linux. To download HDFView 2.5, visit https://support.hdfgroup.org/hdf-java-html.

For those who would like to try the islice tool, use the following source code:

For those who would like to try the development version, you can check out the source code from our source repository.
svn co https://svn.hdfgroup.org/hdf-java/branches/hdf5-irods h5mod

We have set up an iRODS server at San Diego Supercomputer Center for testing purpose. There are some sample files (HDF5 files) at the test server. To use the server, you need follow the steps:

- - Last modified: 12 October 2016