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High Performance Storage and Access to Electronic Federal Records with scientifc and Engineering Data with Electronic Records

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Hydroinformatics: Data Integrative Approaches in Computation, Analysis, and Modeling," by K published by CRC Press LLC, October, 2005
Kumar P., J. Alameda, P. Bajcsy, M. Folk and M. Momcilo

Tradeoff Studies about Storage and Retrieval Efficiency of Boundary Data Representations for LLS, TIGER and DLG Data Structures
David Clutter and Peter Bajcsy

Performance comparison of Collective vs Non-collective (Interleaved mode)
Christian Chilan

IOZone: An Open Source File System Benchmark Tool
Christian Chilan

Performance of the Open Archive Protocol for Metadata Harvesting Applied to Federal Register Metadata
Joe Futrelle

Scientific formats for geospatial data preservation -- A study of suitability and performance
Mike Folk and Vailin Choi

Attributes of File Formats for Long-Term Preservation of Scientific and Engineering Data in Digital Libraries [pdf]
Mike Folk and Bruce Barkstrom

A Comparative Study of Network Latencies and Effective Bandwidths on Linux PC Clusters
Nancy Tran

How Expensive is GPFS?
Nancy Tran

Preliminary Performance Analysis of the NEES Metadata Service (MMDS)
Joe Futrelle

XML and Scientific File Formats
Robert E. McGrath

NCSA-NARA investigations of HDF5 in support of EXPRESS-driven data
Mike Folk and Vailin Choi

NCSA-NARA investigations of HDF5-long term data retention
Mike Folk and Vailin Choi

ISGS Collaboration
Mike Folk and Don Keefer

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