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HDF5 OPeNDAP - Download


You can download the software from the Hyrax Data Server page at the OPeNDAP website.

HDF5-Friendly OPeNDAP Client Library (Prototype / Last Updated 2008)

HDF5-Friendly OPeNDAP Client Library Tools (Prototype)

These tools are demo applications of the HDF5-Friendly Client Library.

In order to build these tools, you must remove the comment on line 105 of OCConnect.cc because we commented out the attribute reading part of the library for GrADS demo. We found that the prototyped HDF5-Friendly OPeNDAP client library doesn't work with some of NASA AURA MLS HDF-EOS5 files when it processes their attributes.

These tools are stand-alone static Linux (i386) binaries. These tools work with the remote HDF5 files served by the default HDF5 handler only. That is, The OPeNDAP HDF5 server is not configured with --enable-cf configuration option.

Do remember that these tools are prototyped tools. They are not tested extensively and are used only for the demo purpose. If having any further questions or suggestions, please send an email to hyoklee@hdfgroup.org or myang6@hdfgroup.org.

- - Last modified: 13 February 2014