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Requests for Comments (RFCs) are documents soliciting feedback regarding new features or changes being proposed for the HDF software. Community comments will be one of the factors considered by The HDF Group in making the final design and implementation decisions. Comments may be sent to the RFC's authors, or to help@hdfgroup.org.

RFCs often have value beyond the comment period, and will remain available as long as they are relevant to HDF developers and users.


h5edit - An HDF5 File Editing Tool

Reporting of Non-Comparable Datasets by h5diff

External Link Traversal Callback Function

Setting Raw Data Chunk Cache Parameters in HDF5

Native Time Types in HDF5

Special Values in HDF5

Metadata Journaling to Improve Crash Survivability

Other RFCs are available from gamma.hdfgroup.org/RFC/RFCs

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