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HDF4 Source Code

Latest Version:   HDF 4.2.13       [ Newsletter 156 ] [ Release File ]

Source Code

The source code distributions for Unix and Windows are identical except for the line endings.

Building HDF4 with configure

Instructions for building HDF4 with configure can be found in the release_notes/ directory of the source code. Below are some of the files located there.

Information Description
INSTALL file Instructions for installing HDF4
INSTALL_CYGWIN.txt Installation instructions for Cygwin

Building HDF4 with CMake

CMake is required to build HDF4 on Windows. It can optionally be used for Unix platforms.

Information Description
Building With CMake Using platform configuration files to simplify building with CMake RECOMMENDED
INSTALL_CMake.txt Instructions for building HDF4 with CMake
USING_HDF4_CMake.txt Building and installing HDF4 Applications with CMake
USING_HDF4_VS.txt Using the CMake binaries with Visual Studio
USING_CMake_Examples.txt Building and testing the HDF4 Examples with CMake

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