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HDF5 Tutorial:   Advanced Topics
Hyperslab Selections


Selecting a Portion of a Dataspace

HDF5 allows you to read or write to a portion of a dataset by use of hyperslab selection. A hyperslab selection can be a logically contiguous collection of points in a dataspace, or it can be a regular pattern of points or blocks in a dataspace. You can select a hyperslab to write to or read from with the function H5Sselect_hyperslab / h5sselect_hyperslab_f.

Programming Example


This example creates a 5 x 6 integer array in a file called sds.h5 (sdsf.h5 in FORTRAN). It selects a 3 x 4 hyperslab from the dataset as follows (Dimension 0 is offset by 1 and Dimension 1 is offset by 2):

5 x 6 array:

    X X X X
    X X X X
        X X X X

Then it reads the hyperslab from this file into a 2-dimensional plane (size 7 x 7) of a 3-dimensional array (size 7 x 7 x 3), as follows (with Dimension 0 offset by 3):

X X X X            
X X X X      
X X X X      

To obtain the example, download:

For details on compiling an HDF5 application, click here.


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