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HDF Products

HDF Group Products

HDF technologies consist of two data management formats (HDF4 and HDF5) and associated libraries, a modular data browser/editor (HDFView), associated tools and utilities and a conversion library. Both HDF4 and HDF5 were designed to be general scientific formats adaptable to virtually any scientific or engineering application and have also been used successfully in non-technical areas.

HDF5 addresses important deficiencies of HDF4. Thus it is recommended that new applications use HDF5. HDF5 takes advantage of the latest computing advances to enable the storage of extremely large and complex datasets where scalability, fast I/O, and data sharing are important.

For HDF5 training, support, and other services, see HDF Services.

Other Software that uses HDF

Numerous HDF applications have been created by users in addition to those provided by The HDF Group.



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