HDF5 C++ API  1.10.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oCAbstractDsAbstractDs is an abstract base class, inherited by Attribute and DataSet
 oCArrayTypeClass ArrayType inherits from DataType and provides wrappers for the HDF5's Array Datatypes
 oCAtomTypeAtomType is a base class, inherited by IntType, FloatType, StrType, and PredType
 oCAttributeClass Attribute operates on HDF5 attributes
 oCCommonFGCommonFG is an abstract base class of H5File and H5Group
 oCCompTypeCompType is a derivative of a DataType and operates on HDF5 compound datatypes
 oCDataSetClass DataSet operates on HDF5 datasets
 oCDataSpaceClass DataSpace operates on HDF5 dataspaces
 oCDataTypeClass DataType provides generic operations on HDF5 datatypes
 oCDSetCreatPropListClass DSetCreatPropList represents the dataset creation property list
 oCDSetMemXferPropListClass DSetMemXferPropList represents the dataset memory and transfer property list
 oCEnumTypeClass EnumType operates on HDF5 enum datatypes
 oCExceptionException provides wrappers of HDF5 error handling functions
 oCFileAccPropListClass FileAccPropList represents the HDF5 file access property list
 oCFileCreatPropListClass FileCreatPropList represents the HDF5 file create property list
 oCH5FileClass H5File represents an HDF5 file
 oCFloatTypeClass FloatType operates on HDF5 floating point datatype
 oCGroupClass Group represents an HDF5 group
 oCIdComponentClass IdComponent provides wrappers of the C functions that operate on an HDF5 identifier
 oCIntTypeClass IntType operates on HDF5 integer datatype
 oCH5LibraryClass H5Library operates the HDF5 library globably
 oCUserData4AiterateUser data for attribute iteration
 oCH5LocationH5Location is an abstract base class, added in version 1.8.12
 oCH5ObjectClass H5Object is a bridge between H5Location and DataSet, DataType, and Group
 oCObjCreatPropListClass ObjCreatPropList represents the HDF5 object creation property list
 oCPredTypeClass PredType holds the definition of all the HDF5 predefined datatypes
 oCPropListClass PropList provides operations for generic property lists
 oCStrTypeClass StrType operates on HDF5 string datatypes
 \CVarLenTypeVarLenType operates on the HDF5 C's Variable-length Datatypes

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