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H5::PredType Class Reference

#include <H5PredType.h>

Inheritance diagram for H5::PredType:

H5::AtomType H5::DataType H5::H5Object H5::IdComponent List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual H5std_string fromClass () const
PredTypeoperator= (const PredType &rhs)
 Assignment operator.
 PredType (const PredType &original)
virtual ~PredType ()
 Noop destructor.

Static Public Attributes

static const PredType STD_I8BE
static const PredType STD_I8LE
static const PredType STD_I16BE
static const PredType STD_I16LE
static const PredType STD_I32BE
static const PredType STD_I32LE
static const PredType STD_I64BE
static const PredType STD_I64LE
static const PredType STD_U8BE
static const PredType STD_U8LE
static const PredType STD_U16BE
static const PredType STD_U16LE
static const PredType STD_U32BE
static const PredType STD_U32LE
static const PredType STD_U64BE
static const PredType STD_U64LE
static const PredType STD_B8BE
static const PredType STD_B8LE
static const PredType STD_B16BE
static const PredType STD_B16LE
static const PredType STD_B32BE
static const PredType STD_B32LE
static const PredType STD_B64BE
static const PredType STD_B64LE
static const PredType STD_REF_OBJ
static const PredType STD_REF_DSETREG
static const PredType C_S1
static const PredType FORTRAN_S1
static const PredType IEEE_F32BE
static const PredType IEEE_F32LE
static const PredType IEEE_F64BE
static const PredType IEEE_F64LE
static const PredType UNIX_D32BE
static const PredType UNIX_D32LE
static const PredType UNIX_D64BE
static const PredType UNIX_D64LE
static const PredType INTEL_I8
static const PredType INTEL_I16
static const PredType INTEL_I32
static const PredType INTEL_I64
static const PredType INTEL_U8
static const PredType INTEL_U16
static const PredType INTEL_U32
static const PredType INTEL_U64
static const PredType INTEL_B8
static const PredType INTEL_B16
static const PredType INTEL_B32
static const PredType INTEL_B64
static const PredType INTEL_F32
static const PredType INTEL_F64
static const PredType ALPHA_I8
static const PredType ALPHA_I16
static const PredType ALPHA_I32
static const PredType ALPHA_I64
static const PredType ALPHA_U8
static const PredType ALPHA_U16
static const PredType ALPHA_U32
static const PredType ALPHA_U64
static const PredType ALPHA_B8
static const PredType ALPHA_B16
static const PredType ALPHA_B32
static const PredType ALPHA_B64
static const PredType ALPHA_F32
static const PredType ALPHA_F64
static const PredType MIPS_I8
static const PredType MIPS_I16
static const PredType MIPS_I32
static const PredType MIPS_I64
static const PredType MIPS_U8
static const PredType MIPS_U16
static const PredType MIPS_U32
static const PredType MIPS_U64
static const PredType MIPS_B8
static const PredType MIPS_B16
static const PredType MIPS_B32
static const PredType MIPS_B64
static const PredType MIPS_F32
static const PredType MIPS_F64
static const PredType NATIVE_CHAR
static const PredType NATIVE_SCHAR
static const PredType NATIVE_UCHAR
static const PredType NATIVE_SHORT
static const PredType NATIVE_USHORT
static const PredType NATIVE_INT
static const PredType NATIVE_UINT
static const PredType NATIVE_LONG
static const PredType NATIVE_ULONG
static const PredType NATIVE_LLONG
static const PredType NATIVE_ULLONG
static const PredType NATIVE_FLOAT
static const PredType NATIVE_DOUBLE
static const PredType NATIVE_LDOUBLE
static const PredType NATIVE_B8
static const PredType NATIVE_B16
static const PredType NATIVE_B32
static const PredType NATIVE_B64
static const PredType NATIVE_OPAQUE
static const PredType NATIVE_HSIZE
static const PredType NATIVE_HSSIZE
static const PredType NATIVE_HERR
static const PredType NATIVE_HBOOL
static const PredType NATIVE_INT8
static const PredType NATIVE_UINT8
static const PredType NATIVE_INT16
static const PredType NATIVE_UINT16
static const PredType NATIVE_INT32
static const PredType NATIVE_UINT32
static const PredType NATIVE_INT64
static const PredType NATIVE_UINT64

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

H5::PredType::PredType ( const PredType original  ) 

H5::PredType::~PredType (  )  [virtual]

Noop destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual H5std_string H5::PredType::fromClass (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from H5::AtomType.

PredType & H5::PredType::operator= ( const PredType rhs  ) 

Assignment operator.

rhs - IN: Reference to the predefined datatype
Reference to PredType instance

Member Data Documentation

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I8BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I8LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I16BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I16LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I32BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I32LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I64BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_I64LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U8BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U8LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U16BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U16LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U32BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U32LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U64BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_U64LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B8BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B8LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B16BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B16LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B32BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B32LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B64BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_B64LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_REF_OBJ [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::STD_REF_DSETREG [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::C_S1 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::FORTRAN_S1 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::IEEE_F32BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::IEEE_F32LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::IEEE_F64BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::IEEE_F64LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::UNIX_D32BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::UNIX_D32LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::UNIX_D64BE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::UNIX_D64LE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_I8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_I16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_I32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_I64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_U8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_U16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_U32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_U64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_B8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_B16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_B32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_B64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_F32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::INTEL_F64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_I8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_I16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_I32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_I64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_U8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_U16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_U32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_U64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_B8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_B16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_B32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_B64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_F32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::ALPHA_F64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_I8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_I16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_I32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_I64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_U8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_U16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_U32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_U64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_B8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_B16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_B32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_B64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_F32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::MIPS_F64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_CHAR [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_SCHAR [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_UCHAR [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_SHORT [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_USHORT [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_INT [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_UINT [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_LONG [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_ULONG [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_LLONG [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_ULLONG [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_FLOAT [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_DOUBLE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_LDOUBLE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_B8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_B16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_B32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_B64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_OPAQUE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_HSIZE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_HSSIZE [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_HERR [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_HBOOL [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_INT8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_UINT8 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_INT16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_UINT16 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_INT32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_UINT32 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_INT64 [static]

const PredType H5::PredType::NATIVE_UINT64 [static]

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