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File Space Management Documentation
Also called “Metadata Aggregation and Allocation”
The purpose of this page is to list and briefly describe the documentation available to those who will use the file space management feature found in the HDF5 Library.

This feature is sometimes discussed as metadata aggregation and allocation. “File space management” describes the functionality as experienced by users while “metadata aggregation and allocation” describes the approach used in the source code to implement the feature.

The following are the sections on this page:

File Space Management User’s Guide
(This document is not yet available.)

HDF5 Library APIs
The APIs listed below from the HDF5 Reference Manual provide a means for users to directly manage the file space management feature.
H5Fget_free_sections   Retrieves free-space section information for a file.
H5Fget_freespace   Returns the amount of free space in a file.
H5Fget_info2   Returns global information for a file.
H5Pset_file_space   Sets the file space management strategy and/or the free-space section threshold for an HDF5 file.
H5Pget_file_space   Retrieves the file space management strategy and/or the free-space section threshold for an HDF5 file.
The tool listed below has been modified to preserve or modify file freepace information appropriately when processing files employing this feature.
h5repack Repacks HDF5 files with various options, including the ability to change the applied filters. This version of h5repack understands the file free space feature and handles the file and metadata appropriately.

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