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HDF5 Python Examples

This page includes additional Python examples which correspond to many of the source code and tutorial examples.

Compound dataset h5_compound.py
Gzip compressed dataset h5_gzip.py
Hyperslab selection h5_hype.py
Hyperslab selection (modifying block size) h5_hypeb.py
Links h5_links.py (Needs file created by h5_crtdat.py on the HDF5 Introductory Examples page)
Object reference h5_objref.py
Read integer data into float buffer h5_readtofloat.py
Region reference h5_regref.py
Select an element (subset) h5_selecelem.py
String h5_string.py
Unlimited dimension dataset h5_unlim.py
Visit h5_visit.py
Visit items h5_visita.py
Variable length string h5_vlstring.py

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