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Windows Questions

The questions below are specific to Windows only. PLEASE note that we do not provide Visual Studio projects and solutions with the source code. Instead, you construct the required projects and solutions for your compiler and platform using CMake, and then build the library using Visual Studio. Also note that building HDF5-based software using the pre-built libraries does not require CMake.


Visual Studio



How do I use CMake to compile an application using the HDF5 pre-built binaries ?

Download the binary and unzip it. You can get that from the table at the bottom of the Obtain Latest page. Then:

How do I build HDF5 from source with CMake ?

The preferred method to build HDF5 from source using CMake is to use the configuration scripts that we provide. See the Building With CMake page for details on using these scripts.

Then follow the instructions in the INSTALL_CMake.txt file.

Public CDash Submission Guidelines

The CDash server for community submissions of hdf5 1.8 is at https://cdash.hdfgroup.org.

Submitters are requested to register their name and contact info and maintain their test sites. After your first submission, login and go to your "My CDash" link and claim your site.

We ask that all submissions include the configuration information and contact information in the CTest Notes Files upload step. See the current reports on CDash for examples.

Please follow the convention that "NIGHTLY" submissions maintain the same configuration every time. "EXPERIMENTAL" submissions can be expected to be different for each submission.

Visual Studio and CMake

How do I use the HDF5 pre-built binaries to compile Visual Studio applications ?

Here are the basic steps for compiling VS applications using the HDF5 pre-built CMake binaries:

See the USING HDF5_VS.txt file in the source code for further information on building an application using Visual Studio using the HDF5 CMake pre-built binaries.

OUTDATED: Example steps to build applications with MS VS C++ 2010 Express and the HDF5 pre-compiled binaries

Following are steps that were used to create an application using VS C++ 2010 with the HDF5 pre-compiled binaries. They are provided as an example of how a user might do this. The steps may differ with other versions of VS.

You should now be ready to compile and run an HDF5 application.

Checklist for compiling with VS

Compiling on VS using binaries built with CMake is virtually the same as if using binaries built with legacy VS. Please check the following if you are having problems compiling:


Windows error, "PATH too long ..."

As part of the HDF5 installation on Windows, a user can select to add the path to the system path. If there is not enough space to accommodate the HDF5 path in the system path, an error will occur indicating that the path is too long.

This is a general Windows issue that is documented in many places online.

The solution is to clean up and shorten the system path prior to the installation or to not choose to add the HDF5 path to the system path. The following page (for the Java product!) has information on how to resolve this issue with different versions of Windows.

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