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HCR: HDF Configuration Record


HDF Configuration Record (HCR) Tools Version 2.0 Release 2 is freely available for public access. HCR is a tools suite that provides an easy interface to create, modify and access HDF-EOS and HDF files. This release has been upgraded to work with the latest official releases of HDF-EOS library (2.4v1.00) and HDF library (v4.1r3).

The differences between Version 2.0r1 (and above) and prior versions are that HDF objects have been added, including GR, SDS, Palette, Vdata, Vgroup and Annotation. Similar to HDF-EOS files, you can create HDF objects in ODL format and use the tools(only hcr2hdf and hdf2hcr currently) to convert to HDF files or vice versa. For HDF-EOS files, there are four tools available
(hcr2hdf, hdf2hcr, hcrhdfdiff, hcr_edit).

HCR Definition:   doc   pdf

- - Last modified: 22 January 2016