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h5check: The HDF5 Format Checker

Current Release: 2.0.1
Tested With: HDF5 1.8.7, HDF5 1.6.10

The HDF5 Format Checker, h5check, is a validation tool for verifying that an HDF5 file is encoded according to the HDF File Format Specification. Its purpose is to ensure data model integrity and long-term compatibility between evolving versions of the HDF5 library.

Note that h5check is designed and implemented without any use of the HDF5 Library.

Given a file, h5check scans through the encoded content, verifying it against the defined library format. If it finds any non-compliance, h5check prints the error and the reason behind the non-compliance; if possible, it continues the scanning. If h5check does not find any non-compliance, it prints an approval statement upon completion.

By default, the file is verified against the latest version of the file format, but the format version can be specified.

How To Build and Use h5check

For information on building h5check, please refer to the INSTALL file in the doc directory of the h5check source code.

For information on how to use h5check, please see:   h5check.pdf

Download Information

The h5check utility can be obtained from the h5check Download page, which is accessible from The HDF Group Downloads page.

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