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HDFView + Object for HDF5-1.10

Latest Release:   HDFView 3.0.0 (Beta)       [ Newsletter 154 ]

HDFView + Java HDF Object Package 3.0.0 (Beta) Release

New Features and Changes

HDFView + Java HDF Object Package 3.0.0 (Beta) is a major release that includes the following new features and changes:

For a complete list of the new features and changes in this release, please see the Release Notes.

Why use HDFView 3 ?

HDFView 3 can read files created with any version of HDF5 or HDF4.

The older HDFView 2.x software supports files created with HDF5-1.8 (or earlier) and any version of HDF4. HDFView 2.x may be able to read some HDF5-1.10 files if they do not include any new features.

Important Change:

Please be aware that the change from Swing to SWT will affect users of the Java HDF Object package. With earlier releases of HDF Java, the Swing GUI framework library was required. This is no longer necessary in HDFView 3.


Documentation for the HDFView Software consists of the User's and Modular Guides and the Javadocs.

The User's and Modular Guides have not yet been updated for HDFView 3.0.0:

The Javadocs are included below:

Installing from Source

The software consists of the source code for the HDFView application and the Java HDF Object package that HDFView uses.

To build from source, you will need:

See the detailed instructions included in the source code for installing the software.

Known Problems and Workarounds

Known Problems at release time are listed at the end of the Release Notes.

Windows error, Failed to open the file ...unsupported File Format

HDFView was built with VS 2015, and it requires that the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages be installed on your machine. If you cannot access HDF5 files then you do not have these packages. You can obtain them from HERE.

On Mac OS X, clicking on an HDF5 file brings up an empty HDFView

If you click on an HDF5 file on the Mac, it will bring up HDFView. However, the HDF5 file that you clicked on will not be opened in HDFView.

Windows error, "PATH too long installer unable to modify PATH!"

As part of the HDFView installation on Windows, a user can select to add the HDFView path to the system path. If there is not enough space to accomodate the HDFView path in the system path, the "PATH too long installer unable to modify PATH!" error occurs:

The solution is to clean up and shorten the system path prior to the HDFView installation or to not choose to add the HDFView path to the system path. There are many pages on the web describing how to set the system path on windows. A very nice page can be found here.

Windows installer cannot be executed without administrator permissions

The Windows installer requires administrator permissions and cannot be executed without them.

Using a system installed JRE with HDFView

The HDFView scripts in the HDFView install folder under the bin directory can be changed to use a system installed JRE on Windows and Linux.

Following are the instructions for using a system installed JRE:



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