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Parallel HDF5

Installation Instructions
Instructions from the source code on installing Parallel HDF5.

MPI-I/O Tutorial
This is a tutorial on the basics of using MPI-I/O, from the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS). Some examples (mostly Fortran) that go with this tutorial, can be found here.

HDF5 Tutorial
A parallel tutorial is included as a part of the HDF5 Tutorial.

Questions users have asked about Parallel HDF5.

Information on performance:

Collective calling requirements in Parallel HDF5 applications
Lists of collective HDF5 calling requirements when operating in a parallel computing environment:
  • HDF5 calls that applications must always make collectively.
  • HDF5 calls that applications must make collectively in certain circumstances.
Lists of properties that must be used in a coordinated manner in a parallel computing environment.

PHDF5 Design Documents:

Enabling a Strict Consistency Semantics Model in Parallel HDF5

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