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Newsletter #105
February 3, 2009


Release of HDF 4.2r4

We are pleased to announce the release of HDF 4.2r4. It can be downloaded from the following location:


The HDF4 home page is located at:


The RELEASE.txt file in the source code contains detailed information about this release:


New Features and Changes in HDF 4.2r4 include:

Please refer to the RELEASE.txt file for a comprehensive list of changes in this release.

Release of H4 to H5 Version 2.1

A new version of the H4 to H5 software, version 2.1, is now available. This version was built with HDF5 1.8.2 and HDF 4.2r4.

Numerous enhancements and bug fixes have been added to this release, most of which are related to converting HDF-EOS2 files to HDF5 files that can be read by the netCDF-4 APIs. More information can be found in the RELEASE.txt file in the release_docs/ directory of the h4h5tools source code distribution.

An optional "verify" tool has also been provided to enable applications that convert HDF-EOS2 files to netCDF-4 files to verify the correctness of the converted results.

The H4 to H5 software can be downloaded from:


Dropping VS 6.0

We will be dropping Visual Studio 6.0 for both HDF4 and HDF5 1.6 products, after the HDF 4.2r4 release.

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