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HDF Tools

This page contains links to tools and utilities to manage, visualize, and convert data stored in the HDF files along with the links to the software packages built on top of HDF.

HDFView + Object 3.0.0 Beta

With 64-bit object identifiers (HDF5-1.10, HDF 4.2.12+)

HDFView 3.0.0 consists of the HDFView Java browser and HDF-Object package with support for 64-bit object identifiers for HDF5-1.10 and HDF 4.2.12. The Java HDF wrappers are provided in the HDF5-1.10 and HDF 4.2.12 (and above) source code.

HDFView + Object 2.14 and HDF Java 3.3.2

With 32-bit object identifiers (HDF5-1.8.19, HDF 4.2.13)

The HDF-Java Products consist of both HDFView (a Java browser for HDF4 and HDF5 files) as well as the Java HDF wrappers (JHI, JHI5) with support for 32-bit object identifiers for HDF5-1.8 and HDF 4.2.13.

HDF5 Tools

The HDF5 Tools consist of the command-line tools that come with the HDF5 distribution and other tools provided by The HDF Group, as well as 3rd party software using HDF5:

HDF4 Tools

The HDF4 Tools consist of the command-line tools that come with the HDF4 distribution, other tools provided by The HDF Group, and 3rd party software using HDF4:

h4toh5 Conversion Software

The h4toh5 conversion software consists of command-line utilities (h4toh5 and h5toh4) and a conversion library for converting between individual HDF4 and HDF5 objects.

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