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Newsletter #111
March 5, 2010


Release of HDF Java Products 2.6.1

We are pleased to announce the release of HDF Java Products 2.6.1, built and tested using JDK 1.6.x with HDF 4.2.5 and HDF5-1.8.4 Patch 1 (with the HDF5 1.6 compatibility flag).

The HDF Java Products web page is located here:


This release can be obtained from the HDF Java Products web page, as well as the HDF Downloads page at:


HDF Java Products 2.6.1 includes bug fixes, new features, a test suite, and improved documentation.

For more information about this release, see:


Platforms Tested

This release was built and tested for the following platforms:

32-bit distribution -- runs on 32-bit systems or 64-bit systems with 32-bit JRE

     Mac Intel

64-bit distribution -- runs on 64-bit systems with 64-bit JRE

     Linux x86_64
     Linux ia64
     Mac Intel
     Solaris 64-bit

Major Improvements

Major Bug Fixes

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