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Newsletter #114
June 15, 2010


Release of HDF5 1.8.5

The HDF5 1.8.5 release is now available. Many thanks to the users on the HDF Forum who helped us with this release!

HDF5 1.8.5 can be downloaded from:


This page can be accessed from The HDF Group Downloads page:


The HDF5 1.8.5 documentation is located in:


For information on HDF5, see the HDF5 home page:


HDF5 1.8.5 is a minor release, but includes some important new features and several bug fixes.

New features and changes in this release include the following:

For more information, please refer to the RELEASE.txt file that is included in the source code. It can be accessed from The HDF Group web site here:


HDF and HDF-EOS Workshop XIV

The fourteenth HDF and HDF-EOS Workshop has been announced. It will be held in the home city of The HDF Group, in Champaign, Illinois, from September 28th - 30th, 2010.

For more information regarding the workshop, please visit the workshop web site:


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