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Newsletter #122
July 8, 2011


Release of h4toh5 2.2.0

Version 2.2.0 of the h4toh5 conversion library and tools is now available. This release has been tested with HDF 4.2.6, HDF5-1.6.10, and HDF5-1.8.7 (using the 1.6 APIs). See the h4toh5 web page for complete details regarding this release:


The software can be obtained directly from The HDF Group Downloads page:


The h4toh5 software consists of command-line utilities (h4toh5, h5toh4) as well as a conversion library for converting between individual HDF4 and HDF5 objects.

Please be aware that this is the last release of the h4toh5 software to be tested with HDF5-1.6, and future releases will only support the 1.8 APIs in HDF5-1.8.

Release of h4mapwriter 1.0.0

We are pleased to announce the release of h4mapwriter, version 1.0.0. This utility enables data in HDF4 files to be retrieved independently from the HDF4 libraries.

h4mapwriter will allow access to HDF4 data far into the future, regardless of the availability of the HDF4 libraries. This is critical for projects such as the NASA Earth Observing System (EOS), which has several petabytes of data stored in HDF4.

The h4mapwriter 1.0.0 source code and documentation are available at:


For detailed information regarding the HDF4 Mapping Project, see:


The h4mapwriter utility creates a content map in XML that describes the file structure, file metadata, and offset/length of raw data in an HDF4 file. The map can be used to retrieve data from an HDF4 file without relying on the HDF4 library.

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