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Newsletter #135
June 27, 2013


Release of HDF4 CF Conversion Toolkit 1.0.beta

We are pleased to announce that the release of HDF4 CF (H4CF) Conversion Toolkit 1.0.beta is now available from the HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center. It can be downloaded from the following page:


The H4CF Conversion Toolkit can access various NASA HDF4 and HDF-EOS2 files by following the CF conventions. The toolkit includes a conversion library for application developers and a conversion utility for NetCDF users.

This release contains the following new features and changes:

API Name Change:

Vdata Handling:

Unsigned Data Type:

Test Suite:


The new version also includes many bug fixes in both the library and conversion tool:

This release contains many other changes that are not listed here. Please be sure to read the release document for a comprehensive list of new features and changes:


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