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This web site is no longer maintained (but will remain online).
Please see The HDF Group's new Support Portal for the latest information.

BioHDF Contact Information

We welcome your feedback!

BioHDF is for the NGS community and, in order for us to serve you well, we need your feedback. If you have any comments, criticisms or feature requests, please contact us either via the mailing list or directly. We really do appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you.

Primary Contact

Please contact Dana Robinson (derobins at hdfgroup dot org) with any questions or concerns about BioHDF.

Advisory Committees

We are in the process of setting up "steering committees" of interested people to help guide the development of BioHDF. Membership is informal and consists of people who are willing to answer our email questions and occasionally take part in a teleconference. If you would like to participate in a steering committee, please contact Dana Robinson at the email address given above.

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